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Amelia Jul 11, 2023 849 views

How can I build a solid resume for social media with no formal experience, what should I emphasize?

I'm trying to apply online for these positions, but I feel like my resumé is generic and could cater better to what I'm looking for. What should I emphasize?

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Edith Mar 17, 2023 1105 views

What does a good resume need to have for it to be competitive?

I am currently trying to get to an educational institute and become a TA for preschoolers with my experience from being a Resilience Corps Associate for the San José Public Library but they always declined my application because I don’t have ECE units. They tend to give the position to those...

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Melony Oct 25, 2022 573 views

What are some things a pediatrics nurse should have on their resume?

What are some things a pediatrics nurse should have on their resume?

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Zuleyka Jul 19, 2023 2193 views

How would you submit a resume if you are applying for your first job?

I wanna apply for jobs but when they give me a resume to fill out and ask about previous jobs I do not know how to say this is my first job.

C’s Avatar
C May 06, 2023 2700 views

What is a Prompt Engineer / Should I list ChatGPT skill on my resume ?

Context: With ChatGPT , AI tools gaining popularity in all industries, is 'AI skill' something that companies and HR managers are looking for in the coming years ? If so, what does 'AI skills' mean to you ? ( e.g. able to generate reports with greater efficiency using ChatGPT ? ) Most...