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Ena Jun 17, 2017 1359 views

How to wear in investment bank social event?

I received an invitation to participate a IB social event. Business casual or professional? #investment-banking

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Ena Jun 04, 2017 992 views

How to break in buy-side?

I am international student in Canada and I hope to begin career in private equity. I just want to acquire local experience before graduation. #finance #pe #private-equity

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Ena May 26, 2017 1008 views

Is it good to enter buy-side financial institutions?

Many people think that entering buy-side like private equity should be after 2or3 years sell-side work experience. #investment-management

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Ena May 20, 2017 963 views

How to find up-paid internship in banking?

I hope to find internship, without payment, it is ok. Because I want to have local work experience when I study in Canada. #banking

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Ena May 06, 2017 1570 views

How to think of first intern in private equity?

I receive internship offer from a private equity as second-year summer intern. Do you think it is good experience? I hope to work in banking and investment area. #finance

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Ena Apr 26, 2017 1008 views

Can I write insight in my resume?

I find that many people write insights in linkedin, of course, I do it too. But I am not sure whether I write it in my resume (work experience or extra curriculum activities). #resume #job-application

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Ena Apr 26, 2017 3137 views

Do you think of certificate of appreciation?

When I do some volunteering work in university, I would receive certificate of appreciation about the activity. I keep them. Could I write them in my resume? #volunteering

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Ena Apr 17, 2017 1754 views

Do you think of non-profit work experience?

I am finance second-year student. I plan to find a volunteering job as director of finance. #finance #volunteering

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Ena Apr 11, 2017 2154 views

How to perform in interview?

I am international second-year undergraduate student studying in business school. Now I apply some positions in a club or pre-internship program, they all need to pass interviews. Do you have some useful tips? #interview #job-application

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Ena Apr 10, 2017 883 views

How to spend second-year university summer?

I am finance student in business school. If I find a unpaid job in non-for-profit organization as vp finance, is it helping me in future? #finance #volunteering

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Ena Apr 03, 2017 743 views

How to get a good grade in organizational behavior course?

Many theories and points. Multiple choose includes 5 answers, someone has two chooses together. And analyzing a whole piece of article confuses me. #organizational-behavior

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Ena Mar 25, 2017 2508 views

Do you have suggestion to students who hate accounting but have to pass it?

If i won't pass the course in summer I cannot open my next courses. This is compulsory course in business school lol. #financial-accounting

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Ena Mar 25, 2017 994 views

Do you think accounting has own course base?

I never learn accounting before. I get the lowest grade in total study life. #accounting

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Ena Mar 25, 2017 918 views

How to do journal entry (accounting) ?

I think debt and credit in journal entry are not logical. I did past exams but i hardly ever get good grade in midterm. #accounting

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Ena Mar 25, 2017 964 views

How to complete good statement of financial position?

I can do multiple choices of accounting very well but i don't know how to do statements. #accounting