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lorelei May 24 120 views

What classes should I take in order to become a lawyer?

As a middle school student what classes should I take in the future to become a lawyer? Should I take AP classes or does it not matter?

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Juliana Mar 03, 2021 322 views

Where should I go after law school

#law-school #lawyer #school

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Mike Oct 27, 2019 613 views

I am currently 4th yr criminology student I have plans to study in law school after my bachelor degree.but I quite not sure can I make it to become lawyer even my grades now in my law subjects of my current course is only passing.? Please reply me it would be a great help to me.thank your ample time to feedback me..

#law I have plans to study in law school after I graduated my degree course criminology.but there's a quiet doubts in me.can I possibly be able to make it and in the law school.even though at this time my grades in my law subjects are only passing..I hope somebody will reply me..I'm from...

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Savannah Oct 27, 2020 318 views

What are the steps to becoming a Lawyer

I am in 8th grade. I am taking a class called career and tech. My teacher said that I get to choose 3 jobs I am interested in and I decided to choose a lawyer. I hope people respond to this. #lawyer #school #career #students

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eliana Apr 10, 2019 347 views

how does it feel to put a criminal away for good ?

#criminal-justice #law #psychology

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Emely May 28, 2019 357 views

How active is Law enforcement ?

Are your days slow or busy? What is something difficult about your job, such as the people you deal with.

#law #law enforcement #police

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Jessica Jul 14, 2020 499 views

What interested you in becoming a lawyer?

#criminal-justice #law #lawyer

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eaja May 21, 2019 461 views

what are some pros and cons of being a prosecutor attorney

#attorney #lawyer

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Shelby Nov 20, 2019 310 views

What is the best state to get job as a lawyer?

I am a senior. #lawyer

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Serena Aug 01, 2018 897 views

What are good majors for undergrad to have going into law school?

#law-school #law #pre-law #women-in-law

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Alphonse Jun 30, 2019 452 views

I was a surveillance operative who use to take photos and video and monitor my target on operations which was my duty been post now i want to be a special agent . Can be train without doing 3-4yrs criminalogy course in university

Federal bureau investigation #college #criminal-justice #law #career

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Destiny May 29, 2018 1294 views

How does a lawyer separate personal values from the law when prosecuting or defending?

#law #lawyers #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

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Maria Aug 18, 2018 696 views

What should I focus on when studying for the BAR exam?

I want to start preparing for the BAR exam...but I don't know where to start! #law #criminal #lawyer #criminallawyer

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Amy Jul 22, 2016 794 views

What is the step-by-step educational path to becoming a lawyer?

I was curious about this field. #law #lawyer #law-school

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Juan May 24, 2016 692 views

when should i take the LSAT?

i heard that before going to law school you need to do a test. when is the best moment to do it. #law