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Wsosa18 . Jan 19, 2012 1521 views

a career in business

i am in high school 11th grade, i like to use computers and I want to go into business but i am not sure what kind, could you give me some advice?...


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Mike H. Feb 29, 2012 3148 views

How do you manage getting your work done in a short amount of time?

Answers would help i don't have a enough time to finish and I'm a slow typer why cant we work on paper. #college #management...


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Marisa330 . Mar 06, 2012 2523 views

How do you get money to start your business?

I wanted to know the best way to get money for my business without causing me to become in debt. #business #finance #money...


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Jahmeek . Mar 26, 2012 3305 views

sales info!

What is a successful way to become a great salesman ? #business...


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Matt G. Apr 29, 2014 1502 views

Should I go to collage? What are some advantages? What are some disadvantages

I am really interested in this question because I want to know weather or not I should spend 4 or so years in a collage or should I just get started on my life. #career #school #job #work...