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Tess J. Jan 14, 2018 333 views

Is it bad if I am only considering colleges that have my sport in division 1?

I love my sport and it is a huge stress reliever for me, causing me to only consider schools with great teams. Usually people make sure their major has a great program at the school and THEN sports/hobbies, but I am doing it backwards. Is that okay as long as my college has my major too? #sport...

#school #priorities #psychologymajor #applying

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Aalijah J. Jan 16, 2018 392 views

How do you choose the right career?

I wanted to become a surgeon since I was little, but as I got older, I also found an interest in both music and engineering. I want to choose the right career for myself, but I don’t know how. #surgery #engineering #music #whatdoido...


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Melanie G. Jan 16, 2018 258 views

how to be more social in college ?

one of my goal for this year is t be more social but I'm so shy and keep to myself most of the time ? #tips #social life...


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Ginger M. Jan 19, 2018 304 views

What is the best to take notes during a lecture if you are more of a Kinesthetic Learner?

I am in a couple of lecture classes, but because I am still in High School, the teachers still tend to hold our hands a little bit with it. I feel like the level of intensity will change once I am in college and I would like to know how to be better prepared with it also considering the fact...

#kinesthetic #psychology #psychologymajor

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Ginger M. Jan 19, 2018 321 views

What are things to add to your resume or application to make you stand out to colleges?

I work and I heard my counselor say that is something that a lot of colleges don't see anymore. They see a lot of impressive writing camps and things like that to make them stand out, but I just want to know what makes you really stand out to colleges when they are looking through your...

#college-admissions #psychologymajor

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Emmanuel I. May 17, 2018 218 views

How should I prepare to be a strong stanardized test taker?

I know in my field there will be a lot of testing, to get into professional school, board certification, etc. #testprep,...