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C L. Jan 08, 2018 656 views

Can you share your experience as a UX or UI designer? What's like? What takes you there?

Undergraduate student thinking about future career options. I don't really know much about UX or UI Do I need to know programme language before taking UX or UI courses? Major in Psychology ; Want to explore different career options & where to apply psychology knowledge in real world....

#education #user-interface-design #career-choice #user-experience #career #psychology #explore #career-counseling #undergraduate #career-path #certification #designers #online-learning #lifeishard

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Isabel B. Jan 17, 2018 299 views

How reliable are the career service offices at most public colleges?

After graduation, I feel that it would be helpful to have assistance getting a job that suits my major or area of interest. #career...


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Jeffy J. Jan 23, 2018 345 views

As a PSEO student, what is more beneficial.. graduating from my PSEO institution or transferring on to the college I want to go to?

This question came to my mind because I was having a conversation with a friend who was done with all her credits needed to earn her associate degree from a community college. She was also a PSEO student but she told me that she is not graduating from the community college, in fact, she is just...

#transfer #graduate #pseo

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Adriana G. Jan 23, 2018 332 views

How would you attract clients and continue to grow as a brand via social media?

Given the advancement of technology and various social media platforms, how I would go about attracting clients via the Internet and maintain clients long term for my design brand? #social-media...