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nikayla’s Avatar
nikayla 21 hours ago 21 views

WHY do I have to choose a better paying job Instead of my dream job to be a Baker?

people say be a sciencest but i dont even like science like that its just easy my mom going put me in a science school but im fine where i am a like it at meyer levin .

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana 22 hours ago 34 views

Are there any careers that may match my likes and dislikes?

Hi, I'm a college freshman studying Business Admin and I interned at two finance corporations this year (equity capital markets team + bank resource mgt team). I'm trying to think of a career that I will enjoy or a job that I can at least start straight out of college. Does anyone have any...

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia yesterday 28 views

What are some career opportunities for someone majoring in Visual Arts and Technology and Psychology?

I am double majoring in Visual Arts and Technology and Social Sciences with a concentration in Psychology. I hope to have a concentration in creative programming within my arts major. What are some careers I can look into? I am interested in UI/UX Design, Neuropsychology, and Graphic Design

allaya’s Avatar
allaya 2 days ago 29 views

should i double major or get a dual degree in economics and psychology?

what all careers opportunities will i have? and can i get my master’s in psychology if i double majored in econ and psych?

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Sep 30 42 views

How did you end up working as a forensic accountant (from what you studied in college to your current job :) ?

Hello, I'm a college freshman studying Business Admin and exploring the different business careers. What is your fav part and least fav part of your role? To what extent do you communicate with individual clients? Thank you!

jhames’s Avatar
jhames Sep 29 13 views

How do I learn java from scratch?

How does one learn javascript from scratch? I really want to get into cybersecurity but I must learn this and python first. Could you guys be of assistance?

Zahiyyah’s Avatar
Zahiyyah Sep 29 45 views

How do you know u made the right choice?

How do i make the career choice i choose be the best outcome even though i'm having a hard time settling with it?

Zahiyyah .P , 18. Culinary Arts, Grade 13

Syeda’s Avatar
Syeda Sep 29 29 views

How do authors start their career journey after collage?

I’ve been always admiring authors and I’ve been curious how do they start their career journey as an author and how do they publish their book? And what is the most famous style of writing that attracts readers? How did they find the money to publish their own books, did they start off as an...

tyler’s Avatar
tyler Sep 27 58 views

How do I become successful in making music?

I would like to make music in the future and I want to know how some music software works

Kim’s Avatar
Kim Sep 25 60 views

How do I publish my first book as a high school student?

A sophomore in highschool interested in becoming an author but not knowing the first steps as to how?

trinity’s Avatar
trinity Sep 25 65 views

college questions

how do i know what college is the right one for me? also i just want to know what majors do i have to get to be an ob/gyn?

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Sep 24 101 views

A teacher switching careers here! What are keywords, or specific careers, that a teacher can use to help navigate looking for work in the non-teaching education field?

I have 4+ years experience teaching within a K-2 classroom. I was a grade team leader for 1 of those years and currently an instructional grade team leader which means I'm in charge of the development of 2 teachers, as well as a classroom of students. I'm passionate about all things education...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Sep 24 194 views

What are the best job experiences to try out to prepare myself for the Fashion Industry when I'm older?

By the way I'm in tenth grade and I want to try something that is in retail and definitely creative.

Shania’s Avatar
Shania Sep 24 316 views

What kind of fun careers can you do for multimedia design?

Im a High-school senior looking into some career options for entertainment technology. I enjoy things like video games and art.

Jocelynn’s Avatar
Jocelynn Sep 24 103 views

What do i include in a cover letter?

I have no work experiance and no volenteer work so im not sure what to put or why a job should hire me

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