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Jeronim Oct 16, 2018 586 views

For those who are majoring in biology is it as hard as everyone seems to say it is ?

#major #biology #college-major #collegestudent #medicine

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Adriana Oct 22, 2018 696 views

What do students usually do after just graduating college?

#collegeready #college #graduate #college-advice #almostacollegestudent

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Destney Sep 27, 2018 777 views

How important is staying close to home when going off to college?

#college #student #college-advice #college-selection #career #admissions #essay #collegedecisions

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Christian Apr 09, 2018 1363 views

Will dual enrollment affect my eligibility?

I am in 11th grade and i'm taking dual enrollment and accelerated high school classes at my local jr. college. I have completed 2 classes (6 hours). Will this affect my eligibility if I get an athletic scholarship? How many college hours/classes can I take in high school before I loose any...

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Sheila Aug 27, 2018 518 views

Regardless of major or job occupation, in general what college course do you think gave you the most that you were able to take away from the class and apply afterwards?

What course gave you the most helpful or useful information that applies to the real world?

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Lianne Aug 19, 2018 721 views

What is the best way to obtain ROI on a college degree?


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melanie Aug 17, 2018 637 views

What is more impressive to colleges? AP classes, Move On When Ready, or IB?


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Maddisyn Jul 13, 2018 870 views

School Supplies

So I will be starting college this next semester however I will be taking all my classes online this year, so I want to make sure I’m taking really good notes to pass my finals. What kind of notebooks would you recommend for classes like English 101-102, Biology 223, etc. (Don’t remember all of...