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Adrian Apr 19, 2018 873 views

What is the best way to pay for college without a credit-worthy cosigner?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am just curious on the best way to pay for college. I am a theatre major, and I don't have a cosigner who has good enough credit. I am really looking for advice on scholarships/grants/etc.. Anything helps! #college #college-major #college-jobs...

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Kiana Sep 20, 2018 500 views

I am in the 12th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career. What are some helpful next steps I can take to get me started in that career field?

At school I am most interested in music, history, and sociology, while my hobbies include singing, doing crossword puzzles, and dancing. A topic that I am most passionate about is how music affects people. #music #career

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Ashley Apr 02, 2018 616 views

What is the best approach to getting an internship?

I will be entering college in the fall and I want to know what strategies I can use to get an internship that I want.#internships

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Deanicia Oct 28, 2016 79795 views

When asked the question, "Why do you want this job" what's the best way to respond?

When I apply, this is the most common question, however, I do not really know what they expect in an answer. #science #technology #mathematics #interviews #interview-questions #job-application