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Mario’s Avatar
Mario Nov 14, 2018 894 views

How do I know what classes to take for the career I'm wanting to have?


Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jun 27, 2018 888 views

what college did you go to?

what college did you go to and why? #college #education #secondary-education #choosing-a-college #colleges

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 25, 2018 884 views

Is it hard to change majors?

I know many people who have changed their major multiple times and I have a strong feeling I might be the same when I go to college. My only concern is that if it is too hard to switch majors, it will affect me in a big way. I don't know too much about college but I do know you have to declare...

Sienna’s Avatar
Sienna Aug 23, 2018 410 views

Is there an advantage to applying for smaller, not as well-known scholarships?


Cristina’s Avatar
Cristina Oct 30, 2018 987 views

How do y'all save money on groceries while in college?

#college #money

Nerissa’s Avatar
Nerissa Aug 27, 2018 588 views

When is it best to apply for scholarships ?

Is it too late when your housing doesn't go through

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jan 16, 2018 1272 views

What tricks are there to calm down and present with confidence?

I get so anxious and nervous when I have to present a project infront of a class. I would really like to find a solution to this problem because as I progress in my major I would love to be able to put my ideas into the classroom and inspire.#presentations #anxiety #public-speaking

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 14, 2018 654 views

What are some good study tips and tools for when I get to college?

going to be a new college student in the fall #college advice

Darin’s Avatar
Darin Aug 06, 2018 930 views

How competitive is it to get an on-campus job or employment opportunity?

What percentage of students apply for these jobs?
How many of those applicants get accepted?
How many jobs are offered on an average college campus?
What are the typical qualifications desired of applicants?

#campusjob #job #campus #money #competition

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Oct 29, 2018 686 views

What are the best techniques to succeed in college?

#college-bound #studying-tips

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Apr 21, 2018 816 views

Is it possible for me to double major at a community college?

I wish to major in both business management and fine arts so I can become an art director, but I'm not sure if I can do that at a community college. #community-college #double-major #business-management #fine-art