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Alexandra C. Aug 07, 2019 85 views

In what situation can you list a degree you're working on as your title?

For example, I'm applying to graduate school in psychology this semester. By the time I attend the graduate program, I will have completed my B.A. However, on my applications, should I list myself as "Alexandra C., B.A." or not? The only similar situation I can think of is people who have...

#psychology #applications #college-admissions #bachelors #graduate-school

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Soho D. Aug 18, 2019 120 views

What kind of jobs are available to finance majors?

I'm just starting college as a finance major and have no idea what kind of careers finance majors go into. #finance...


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kiuyf D. Aug 20, 2019 83 views

Why does youtube think it needs more developers when it will die in the next 10 years?

like does youtube really think he can win and influence friends using this method, by the way they are losing customer when they do that because it should be simple but not at the same time #youtube #computer-science #developers #streaming #communications #business...


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John B. Aug 23, 2019 96 views