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Jordan Whitmer

Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales Development at PagerDuty
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Ary Oct 24, 2018 573 views

What are jobs like for general studies majors?

I am currently pursuing a general studies degree at Indiana University Indianapolis. I am getting a certificate in business foundations and a minor in advertising, which is in the journalism and public relations department. I didn't chose one subject over the other because they are both equally...

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Feb 12, 2019 715 views

What is a good career path for someone who enjoys deliberating in meetings?

Most people hate sitting in meetings all day, but I enjoy it. I am involved in Student Government, and think Higher Education Administration might be a good fit. What are some other good career path for someone like me? #career #meetings #higher-ed #business #administration #college

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin May 05, 2018 708 views

Are there any resume items which would make my college application really stand out?

I am active in community service, extracurricular and leadership activities, as well as clubs, sports, and band. Are there any other things I could do to improve my visibility when applying for college? #college-admissions #university-applications #resume-building