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Brynn Mar 26 219 views

How do I figure out what I want to be when I’m older based off of what I like to do?

I know I like to make people happy, I like getting what I want and I’m pretty good at it (not in a bratty way), I like helping people, and I like accomplishing things. I just don’t know what career these things turn out to be.

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Feb 07 310 views

What is an effective way to decide which path you want to take careerwise?

I have two different career paths I'm considering taking and I'm not sure how to decide which I want to take. I'm struggling to choose between psychology or accounting/finance. The thing is that I have more experience than most my age, in Accounting (I'm currently taking Accounting 2 as a...

Aleasia’s Avatar
Aleasia Nov 20, 2019 407 views

What are the jobs that you can have when you major in Finance?

#finance #business

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Lauren Nov 20, 2019 488 views

As an advertising manager, what do you suggest doing straight out of college? Internship?

#internship #business #advertising

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 25, 2019 298 views

If there was another job available right now, would you leave this?

As a post man and you find a job that offers the same stuff the postal service offers (same pay, same hours, same work, would you leave your post? Why or why not. #career #postservice #postman #postalservice

Zeldalyne’s Avatar
Zeldalyne Oct 04, 2019 323 views

how can i finish my career in a faster way?

I like Automotive. I want to further my education and be the best Mechanic i can be. #career

Fabian’s Avatar
Fabian Oct 09, 2019 558 views

How long will these career planing take?

what can i do to better myself in my career. #career #career-choice