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cody Nov 05, 2019 488 views

What kind of pay can I expect on average as a certified welder?

#averagepay #welding #howmuchwillimake

carissa’s Avatar
carissa Oct 30, 2019 545 views

Are there related field i migh want to look into?

I'm a student at Job Corps. I would like to know more about being a Rehabilitation Technician because I want to be able to help people. #medicine #rehabilitation

Julionna’s Avatar
Julionna Nov 08, 2019 762 views

what is the highest job rate for a computer programmer?

#computer #technology #programming

Anja’s Avatar
Anja Jun 10, 2016 1931 views

What programming languages are useful for robotics?

Hi! I'm currently interested in pursuing computer science, especially for the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. What are the most valued and useful programming languages to know? #programming #robotics #artificial-intelligence

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 24, 2016 1338 views

What is the Outlook for mechanical engineering?

I want to know what is going on right now for mechanical engineering. What kind of projects are being worked on that can be essential for our world? I would like to know what there is that should be done. What can I do with knowledge of mechanical engineering? #career #mechanical-engineering...

Dillian’s Avatar
Dillian Nov 05, 2019 498 views

What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring?

#career I wan't to be a welder and work for a good company.