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Rylee R. Aug 31, 2018 209 views

How many is too much?

In high school, I’ve participated in A LOT and in my English class, we had to fill out a resume. When do I know when to stop with the list? What are some things that irrelevant to colleges? #resume #college...


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justin L. Oct 29, 2019 88 views

whats a typical day like in your job

i am educated, smart and ready to learn...


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Cindy L. Nov 30, 2019 113 views

How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry? Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job? What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals? Thanks! #human-resources #career-details #business...


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Ila P. Dec 09, 2019 161 views

If I have an unweighted GPA less than a 4.0, will it look bad to any Ivy League schools that I apply to?

Hey! I'm Ila (pronounced ee-la). This question has been something that I've been trying to find an answer to for a while. I currently have a 4.0, but my classes are pretty hard, and I can only hope to keep my 4.0 at the end of the semester. Any advice helps- thanks! #school #college...

#gpa #college-advice #college-admissions

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Lily P. Dec 10, 2019 104 views
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hannah S. Dec 12, 2019 73 views