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jaclim’s Avatar
jaclim Feb 10, 2020 702 views

whats the best way to start a business

#business #investing

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Feb 07, 2020 631 views

How long will i take to study business in college ?

#college-advice #business

mike Craig’s Avatar
mike Craig Feb 09, 2020 473 views

How best can i help when i am an (African) International student at University.

I am a very charity passionate guy, coming from a developing nation in Africa i have seen a lot of vulnerable and poor individuals and families.
I am a #technology graduate.

Diomedes’s Avatar
Diomedes Feb 06, 2020 557 views

What is the college life like?

I'm pretty nervous about college and to see if it's going to be really hard. # #help #college-advice

Asra’s Avatar
Asra Feb 05, 2020 1929 views

Do I choose culinary arts or psychology as a career?

I love cooking and baking a lot, but psychology interests me as well. However, studying psychology is very different from pursuing it as a career. I'm really confused what do I do? #psychology #culinary

Neer’s Avatar
Neer Feb 04, 2020 494 views

What's is the difference between computer engineering and internet of things

I' m +2 level student and moreover in the path to choose my better carrier .

Anjali’s Avatar
Anjali Feb 04, 2020 788 views

What's the best advice for someone studying abroad?

I am studying abroad in Madrid, Spain this semester. I would love to hear anyone's advice or opinions! Specifically, some topics that have interested me are: traveling on a budget, learning Spanish/Spanish fluency, making/keeping friends abroad, and time management. #study-abroad #college...

Anjali’s Avatar
Anjali Feb 04, 2020 614 views

How to make the most out of my Gap Year?

I am a junior pre-med student and plan on taking 1 Gap Year. I have already taken my MCAT and don't feel like I need to retake it. I also have experienced research throughout college and don't have the passion to continue with that. I am a finance major and am considering using that degree to...