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khamira W.’s Avatar
khamira W. Apr 30, 2019 838 views
liyah A.’s Avatar
liyah A. May 25, 2020 296 views

Can someone help me find a job?

I'm only 15 and I need help looking for a job that will accept me. #help #job #career...


Tawana A.’s Avatar
Tawana A. Jan 18, 2018 462 views

What myths can be debunked about the helping professions.

I want to have a modern mindset to attract today's parents/guardians in the childcare entrepreneur world. #daycare-providers #helping-professions...


KARMA S.’s Avatar
KARMA S. Feb 28 31 views

What have your experiences been like on CareerVillage?

I'm an independent artist looking for connections and folks to share their own stories and experiences with me... I'm also looking for funding and grants to start any type of business based on fashion and visual art....


Roosevon L.’s Avatar
Roosevon L. Oct 26, 2016 483 views

As a chemical engineer, do you realize any notable differences in the work ethics of female chemical engineers and male engineers? If so, what are some notable differences? If not, what are the similarities?

I am a female high school graduate who is looking to pursue a lifelong career in Chemical engineering. What drove me to ask this question is the simple fact that quite a few people have asked me why do I want to be a chemical engineer considering that I am a female, and "females just don't fit...

#equality #career #chemical #work #women #ethic #science #engineering

Eldon L.’s Avatar
Eldon L. Jan 17, 2018 306 views
Stephane karel T.’s Avatar
Stephane karel T. Jan 16, 2018 601 views

How much years of education do you need to be a pediatrician

I am asking this because i would love to know how many years i have infront of me #pediatrician #graduate-school #medical-school #healthcare #medicine...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Jan 16, 2017 506 views

What would examples of good references to put in a job application?

I have never been employed and was wondering what would be good examples of references in my case? #jobs #job-search...


David P.’s Avatar
David P. Jan 17, 2018 526 views

How helpful is your school’s alumni network in finding a job after graduation?

I can take the proper courses to prepare myself for the job I want. I can get experience. But how do I get set on the proper path? Will the school help me find a good job? Are schools’ alumni more open to hiring recent graduates of their alma mater? #social-networking #networking...

#business-networking #buildingrelationships

Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 376 views

What are the career prospects for someone currently involved in Social Media Marketing or Management at a small scale?

I have managed social media accounts for organizations, just as a side hustle, but how could I go one step further? Do I need to get a degree in marketing? #social-media #social-media-marketing #digital-marketing...


JaMiyah P.’s Avatar
JaMiyah P. Aug 26, 2018 174 views

How do we choose the college for us?

I know there is a lot to consider, but when it comes down to our final decision how should we make that decision. What should we narrow it down to? #college...


Deszirae S.’s Avatar
Deszirae S. Jan 23, 2019 190 views
Emely L.’s Avatar
Emely L. Jan 14 96 views

What major would be a good pair to architecture major?

I’m in my second year of college. I am taking architecture major but I am concerned that it would be difficult for me to find a job in the future. Architecture consumes a lot of time, but I could manage to spend 2-3 years more if it will help my resume, and find a better job. Considering...

#career #jobs #business #doublemajor #major #architecture #college

Deonte E.’s Avatar
Deonte E. Jan 09, 2019 176 views

What is the Salary for the position I am seeking?

What is the Salary for the position I am seeking which is Flight Attendant? #salary #flight-attendant #airlines...


Brandon W.’s Avatar
Brandon W. May 06, 2016 2385 views
Olivia D.’s Avatar
Olivia D. May 12, 2020 246 views

What can I do to increase the change of a full ride scholarship?

Or bigger scholarships in general. I know they're very hard to come by, but academics are a strength of mine so I figured I'd might as well see how I could continue to increase my potential of one. #college #scholarship #college-advice...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 30, 2016 1571 views

What are some good tips for someone new to interviews?

I don't really have much experience with interviews in the past and was just wondering what are some things I should have in mind when others interview me. #interviews #interviewing-skills #interviewing #job-application...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. May 27, 2016 5006 views
Cassandra Q.’s Avatar
Cassandra Q. Sep 01, 2017 479 views

How can I change my outlook on life and its complications to be less stressful and more enjoyable?

college applications and everything is piling on me. I know it'll all turn out to be okay, but I can't help but feeling super stressed all the time #stress #stress-management...


Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jun 29, 2016 595 views

What are good undergraduate business majors for an entrepreneurship track?

I'm a business student entering his second year of university. While I still am taking prerequisite classes, I want to declare my major first. My ultimate goal is to own my own business, yet I'm realistic and realize that'll be difficult right out of college. Therefore, what are good business...

#entrepreneurship #university #leadership #business #major

Amirah S.’s Avatar
Amirah S. Jan 22 44 views

Where can I learn more about fashion marketing?

I would like to major in fashion and would like more information and the privilege to learn more #fashion #help #internships...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jul 03, 2016 1300 views

How can I get a job at CareerVillage??

I see career village is hiring...what makes you choose the best candidates? #career #technology #education #career-counseling #hiring...


Camryn E.’s Avatar
Camryn E. May 19, 2016 540 views

How do you participate in Teach For America?

I plan to do Teach For America in between undergraduate and graduate and I would like more information on the salary and requirements. #education...


Krishigan Y.’s Avatar
Krishigan Y. Mar 13, 2020 228 views

if I miss the deadline for admissions can I still talk to the office of admissions and get accepted?

I have applied and gotten accepted to rutgers university and penn state university, although both of thee universities are a bit expensive for me, so i was wondering if I could request the office of admissions for George mason university and Virginia commonwealth university for admission even...

#college-advice #college #college-admissions

Gregory B.’s Avatar
Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 866 views

Philosophy Career Options

What are the careers you can get with a philosophy major? #philosophy...


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