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Lyndsey J Strand

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Vancouver, Washington
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Reagan Apr 28, 2020 762 views

I am considering attending either a college of art & design or a college/university with strong art programs. Feedback from your experiences? TY

I draw in my free time and usually use marker and pencil. My favorite medium is charcoal. #art

ace’s Avatar
ace Apr 16, 2020 1019 views

can you start a dance career at 18 ?

#dance #art

Driscilla’s Avatar
Driscilla Apr 03, 2020 1481 views

How do I get a job in the creative field with no experience?

I've been looking for a place to start. Also struggling to find connections. #job-search #internship #career #resume #artist #designer

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jeremy Mar 09, 2020 942 views

how did u get to were u at

#math #art #math #chemistry #communication

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Gwynn Feb 24, 2020 626 views

How hard is it to be in the painting?

Sometimes I like to challenge something new and experience strength and weekness. #job #painting #art

Gwynn’s Avatar
Gwynn Feb 24, 2020 502 views

what are the advantage and benefits of painting?

I'm like a kind of guy that is interested of creating, decorating, and even into #art

Jersey’s Avatar
Jersey Feb 20, 2020 1182 views

What should I do to get into the graphic design world?

I'm a student in 11th grade and I was wondering what skills should I improve on, certificates to get into, or any tasks I should do to increase my chances in getting into the graphic design world? Also, what should I include in my portfolio?
#graphic-design #art #design #designer

Denisse’s Avatar
Denisse Feb 18, 2020 660 views

What are your main responsibilities as a constructor?

#art #costruction #fine-art #artist

Jancarlo’s Avatar
Jancarlo Feb 06, 2020 660 views

What will it be like starting to get adjusted into the career in college?

#fashion-design #college #design #creative

kukahi’s Avatar
kukahi Jan 28, 2020 656 views

What is the boring part about Painting?

#Paint #research #art #biology #internship #pharmacist

Rokaria’s Avatar
Rokaria Jan 19, 2018 6007 views

Do companies truly focus on your college major when applying for jobs?

My major might be something broad like English, but I want to work in the creative arts. I want to know if employers truly care about your major even if it might not match exactly to what they want. #major