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Jenny Dovrat (肖臻)

Account Executive
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Riley’s Avatar
Riley Dec 12, 2019 429 views

What kind of jobs pay the best?

I want a job with solid good paychecks and good insurance #job

Jay’s Avatar
Jay Feb 03, 2020 788 views

What factors did you consider when you started your research into your current career field, what did you find the most important factor when you did said research?

#research #health-care #career #career-exploration

Kwan Tung’s Avatar
Kwan Tung Feb 14, 2020 1285 views

What's one advice you would give to fresh grads?

Currently at my last year of collage education and would be thankful for any advice :) #college #education #career

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Sep 09, 2019 720 views

What is your weekly schedule like?

#Aircontrol, #pilot, #airtrafficking

Gina’s Avatar
Gina Feb 14, 2020 1077 views

why did you leave your last job?

#career #job-application #job

Rayann’s Avatar
Rayann Feb 11, 2020 885 views

2. What are some good advice's when working in the business field ?

I really want to become a successful business woman, but I need help on what to do when working in the business field. #entrepreneur #business-management

Fuhad’s Avatar
Fuhad Feb 14, 2020 1465 views

What is the best way to get work experience

#internship I'm currently searching for work experience placements in finance and business.