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Mohamed A. Mar 04, 2020 468 views

Whats the best way to get Software Engineering Internships

Hello I'm doing a MS in physics at the University of Washington and would love to get a SDE internship for the summer but I'm having problems getting interviews. # engineering interviews internship...


Hope M.’s Avatar
Hope M. Mar 28, 2020 377 views

How do you find what you want to do?

I am finding I enjoy some of my classes but don't know if they will lead me to a job that I will enjoy. college...


Younes E.’s Avatar
Younes E. Mar 30, 2020 1806 views

How to be come a UI/UX designer coming an engineering background ?

I'm a computer science engineering student .who is turning to UI/UX design as self-thought . design graphic-design engineering...


Sky E.’s Avatar
Sky E. May 14, 2020 306 views

What type of engineering field is right for me?

My name is Sky. I'm in tenth grade and I'm having a career crisis. I need to know if engineering is the type of career that can get me hired straight out of college anywhere in the US. If so, I also need help deciding exactly what type of engineer I should be. I love learning about the periodic...

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