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Kalp . Jun 04, 2013 124789 views

Difference between computer engineering and information technology?

My son has completed 10th CBSC with 70% marks. He wants to go in IT line. We have two choice for diploma in M.S. University, Baroda. I want to know that what is the difference between diploma in computer engineering and diploma in information...

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Sarah M. Apr 26, 2016 1624 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

People say that figuring out what job you should do or even which industry you should work in is the hard part, but what about once you have? How do you choose what companies to apply at? What did you look for in a company? I am now at the stage where I'm looking for internships at tech...

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Jennifer H. Dec 09, 2017 633 views
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Jada H. Jan 19, 2018 302 views

What is the most effective way of networking?

I am asking because I am going into Culinary and networking is very important in order to be considered for anything or even to be acknowledged. I am asking because I want to excel in my field and I need tips. #culinary #jwu #fututrechef...


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Kiarra S. Jul 29, 2018 220 views

Balancing family and school

I am a Biology major and I attend school about an hour and forty five minutes away from home.. my family expects me to call them everyday but honestly, I forget to sometimes because i'm always doing work or I fall asleep and forget to call. A professor I know recommended I put my family on a...

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Murari K. Sep 14, 2018 195 views

Career after B.tech Computer Science Engineering?

Please suggest a career after engineering, shall i opt to M.tech or i should search a job? #engineering #computer...


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Kota U. May 13 186 views

How to start a career in networking ?

I am a student and I want to career in networking how? #networking #cybersecurity#cloud computing #iot...