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Bristol, Georgia

Within 40 mile radius
Ivee’s Avatar
Ivee Sep 09, 2023 529 views

How will I know when I find the right career path for me?

I have so many interests; I fear starting a path and soon realize I am unsatisfied or rather unfulfilled. In an ever-changing world with time being the most valuable, I feel as if the mistake of choosing the wrong field for me is dire.

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jul 18, 2023 319 views

What are things I should avoid when auditioning?

How do I get into acting? What’s the best way to find an audition? What are things I should avoid when auditioning? Is there any extra advice you may have?

Debora’s Avatar
Debora Mar 28, 2023 667 views

How can I practice what I have learned about Python?

I am trying to learn using the internet but it is complicated. I know the basics, but how do I put them together? I want to work as a software engineer.

Keirton’s Avatar
Keirton Dec 21, 2021 532 views

After I retire from being a Game warden, could I become a school teacher?

I am wanting to retire from my Game warden career after 30-40 years of in the service, after I retire I would love to try and teach various ages of the wildlife environment and how to protect and/or conserve it. This is my new-found goal and everyone is supportive but I have no idea as too how...

Carter(Blue)’s Avatar
Carter(Blue) May 03, 2019 519 views

What college should I take to became a YouTuber

Hi I'm Carter I like to call myself Blue and I wanted to know what college to take you guys guess. #Blue's College!

Britney’s Avatar
Britney May 25, 2017 747 views

What types and how do pediatric dentists/general dentists do research?

When, why, and how would they use and/or perform experiments, observation, surveys, etc. #medicine #research #pediatrics #dentistry #dental-hygienist #career-details

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