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Claudette L. May 29, 2018 267 views

Is there still age discrimination in the workforce?

I have read that for people over 50 it is hard to find a job. What are the chances of me finding a good job after graduation based on my age? #discrimination, #experiencevsyouth #experience #workforce...


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Rene M. Nov 22, 2019 262 views
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Nancy O. May 17, 2020 573 views

What a safe job site to find internship job/career?

I am looking for an Information technology internship job /volunteer to gain experience. I have used some job sites to find a job (career builder, indeed, snagajob) , but I got scammed. Someone, please provide me a safe job site. #internship #technology #job #human-resources #tech...

#jobscam #career #engineering #safe #college #covid19

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Reese K. May 20, 2020 269 views

Would you suggest taking a year to study abroad?

I absolutely love adventuring and the outdoors. I am part of the choir program and I have been a dancer for the last 14 years. I am totally a nature and science nerd! #science...


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malu J. May 20, 2020 249 views

when applying for colleges, should I apply to universities even though I'm going to start off with a community college

I want to go to a community #college college first for 2 years but i don't know if i should apply for both community and...

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Tylar M. May 20, 2020 212 views

What is the average work day of a SW Engineer like?

How long do they work and what type of work do they do?...


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Natalie P. May 22, 2020 309 views

What should we spend our time in quarantine on?

Read books. Improve your profile in LinkedIn. Talk to family. Study. #effective...


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Polina W. May 22, 2020 601 views

How many pages for a resume / CV?

Hello, What is the recommended number of pages for a resume / CV? The general consensus​ seems to be saying two sides, however, #resume #job-application #job-search #job #career I have heard from many recruiters and people in general that only one side is preferred. What are your...

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Polina W. May 22, 2020 430 views

How much education should you include in a CV / resume?

Hi, I was wondering what the amount of education that should be included in a resume / CV. I was always under the impression that everything should be included, so in my case as a student in the UK, I would include everything from my GCSE's, A-Levels and then my university / college degree....

#college #resume #career #job

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Allison S. May 22, 2020 348 views

When is the best time to start looking for summer internships in college?

I am going to be a college freshman this fall. When is the right time to start researching and applying to summer internships? #college...