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Where can i meet CA profession

I'm studying commerece and want to understand the sector...


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Lavanya M. May 14, 2016 830 views

What course should I take after my second PUC?

i have completed my 2nd PUC in a commerce group . I am interested in mathematics, and I want to join What are the groups there in the like marketing, accounting ect., and which is related to mathematics and commerce? #marketing #accountant #banking #statistics #commerce #math...

#mathematics #economics

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Safa M. Jun 24, 2016 670 views

What are common mistakes made while preparing Curriculum Vitae

What points to consider while making a resume for applying for a job #resume #writing #reading...


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Abdulwahab A. Jan 14, 2017 578 views
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My question is how do I find tech companies who are hiring non-residents?

My major is computer science and I’m an international student. After graduation we can apply to work for a year as a part of practical training. But I’m worried about my career after that because my one work permit will expire and can’t be renewed since I’m a non-resident of US. I have to find...

#july20 #technology #computer-science #international-student