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Denise’s Avatar
Denise May 21 208 views

Can I still become a physical therapist with the major sports health?

I may of choose the wrong major & the major for kinesiology is filled. Can I still do PT with my major?

Raelynne’s Avatar
Raelynne Mar 22 312 views

Can I become a Physical Therapist with only a master's degree?

High school student looking for advice

Maureen’s Avatar
Maureen Mar 22 454 views

What is it like to be a physical Therapist?

advice, tips, help, specifics, details

Colten’s Avatar
Colten Mar 22 323 views

If you are a physical therapist or were one, what was it like Where did you work, and how long did you work for?

I am also interested in what education you got to receive the job.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Feb 16 521 views

How much free time do you have outside of work as a physical therapist?

I am a sophomore in high school. I am thinking about being a physical therapist and wondering about the job details.

alorah’s Avatar
alorah Jan 25 825 views

What do I need to know before getting into physical therapy?

What happens in each session? and what do I have to do to be a physical therapist

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 22 753 views

Volunteer opportunities for licensed P.T. on Native American reservations for a month at a time?

I am a M.S.P.T., certified McKenzie practitioner(Cert.MDT), 24 years experience

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a learner

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jan 17 767 views

Which undergrad major would be best suited for a doctorate in physical therapy?

As I've been looking into more colleges for admissions, I've noticed that not all of them have either kinesiology or exercise science. After looking more into it, I can't decide whether exercise sciences or kinesiology would be better suited for my major to help get my doctorate.

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 13 656 views

What can I be doing now (in highschool) to be a successful physical therapist in the future?

I am a 16 year old that has a passion for physical therapy. I am currently helping my athletic trainer and am enrolled in health classes at my school but I feel like there is more I could be doing.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Nov 08, 2023 543 views

What is the typical every day life and duties look like being a physical therapist and is obtaining the doctorate really difficult?

I am Lily, a senior at Midview HS. I am looking into doing exercise science and then getting a doctorate in physical therapy.

Cassidy’s Avatar
Cassidy Oct 06, 2023 291 views

How do I decide what classes to take to help me in the field of sports medicine? Will taking classes about physical therapy or athletic training help me?

I would like to know what classes will help me become a physical therapist.

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 04, 2023 834 views

What is the hardest part of being a physical therapist?

Possible future career, want to know more about what it involves.

Keely’s Avatar
Keely Oct 03, 2023 4973 views

When going to college for physical therapy is it worth the time and money?

My name is Keely, I live in Az, I’ve been thinking about being a Physical therapist. I’ve started to think about cost for college and it led me to think is it really worth it? When going to college for physical therapy is it worth the time and money? What are some class you had to take to get...

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy Aug 24, 2023 3471 views

Where should I go to college if I want to major in pt?

Top colleges that have a good program for physical therapy or physical training.

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Jul 06, 2023 2361 views

Would I be able to begin my journey as a recreational therapist with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology? ?

Would I be able to begin my journey as a recreational therapist with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology? & What major should I choose for my master's degree if I don't obtain it in recreational therapy? I just moved from CA to AR and decided I want to pursue a career in recreational...