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Anna’s Avatar
Anna Apr 24, 2018 859 views

Is it true that a Dental Hygienist can open their own practice?

I am attending a hygiene program and I've read many article stating that hygienists can open their own practice in Colorado. I was just wondering if that was entirely true? I
#business-management #dental-practice #dental-hygienist #teeth #business #dental #dentist #dentistry #business

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 12, 2018 1240 views

What education is needed to become a dentist?

Things you can consider for this specific question... What is the highest degree needed to become a dentist? Are there multiple paths to becoming a dentist? What is the best undergraduate degree to earn before dental school? Is there any other experience/certification required to become a...

carissa’s Avatar
carissa Jul 02, 2018 1068 views

What is it like in dental school?

What is a day in dental school like? what are some challenges or activities a student will encounter? #dentist #dental-school #dental #dental-hygienist

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 21, 2018 693 views

What kind of job does someone get while they're in dental school?

Do they get something related to dentistry? And if they do, how do they get hired without graduating from dental school first?

#dentistry #dental-school

Jamaul’s Avatar
Jamaul Jan 16, 2018 905 views

How do you choose between going to medical school and dental school?

When I was growing up I’ve always wanted to be a cardiologist. However, recently I’ve started doing a lot of research and thought that I might want to go to dental school instead. How do I decide? I don’t want to make the wrong decision and end up having regrets in the future....

Adam ’s Avatar
Adam Oct 25, 2016 820 views

Is the schooling worth it?

I'm interested in becoming medical doctor, but I'm concerned with the amount of schooling that it requires. Is it really worth all the years of grueling study and thousands of dollars of student debt? How has it paid off? #doctor #medicine #nurse #dentistry

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 03, 2017 972 views

How can I get a dental license here in the USA and how fast can it happen?

Hello my name is Mary I am a dentist but overseas . If I gonna apply to dental hiagiene program they gonna put my certificate as a dentist in consideration and I can get the license fast
Appreciate your help #dental-hygienist #dentistry

Iris’s Avatar
Iris Sep 01, 2017 713 views

how do I know I am choosing the right college for my career?

I want to be an oral surgeon but I am having trouble with which college I would choose. #dental-hygienist #dentistry

Hung’s Avatar
Hung Sep 01, 2017 777 views

How do I decide on my college major?

I can't set my mind on a college major, I'm trying to decide between engineer and dentistry, but my options are too broad. I'm just filled with uncertainties.

Robyn ’s Avatar
Robyn Aug 31, 2017 881 views

What is the typical day like in the career of being a dentist?

I want to become a dentist because i like being involved in things that require you to be hands on. I also know there are different types of dentists and i want to know how you came to the conclusion of which one you wanted to be. #dentistry #dental-hygiene #dental-assistant #cosmetic-dentistry

destani’s Avatar
destani Sep 01, 2017 1026 views

Is it advisable to minor in business if my aspiration is to be a dentist with my own private practice?

I know that I want to go to dental school and become a dentist or maxillofacial surgeon but, my dilemma recently has been what I should minor in or if I should even pursue a minor at all. I am a Biology major currently and I thought it might be beneficial to have some knowledge of how business...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Sep 01, 2017 830 views

I don't know if I'm ready for college after graduation. My parents won't let me get a job and FAFSA sign ups haven't come yet. Should I take a year off after high school or should I try to go to college with my scholarships. (i don't want to take loans)

I really want to go to college, and I'm not interested in the military. However, I am in a program called Young Marines. Anyways, I have tried to convince my parents to allow me to get a job and they won't. I graduate in May of 2018 at the age of 17, but I would be 18 in August of 2018. If I...

Robyn ’s Avatar
Robyn Aug 31, 2017 545 views

Do you have any advice about being successful preparing for this career in college?

What degree are usually required to be a all around dentist. #dentistry

fimanekeni’s Avatar
fimanekeni May 18, 2016 1225 views

How long will it take me to finish college and attain the highest qualification in dentistry?

i am in oshakati, namibia. I am asking this question because i want to become specialized in dentistry with the highest qualification and to be the best in my country, not only to be the best but also to help and put my country up to standard [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 09, 2016 1295 views

Would a degree in Dentay Hygiene give me a good foundation to continue on to Dental School?

I will be starting college in the fall of 2016. I decided on pursuing a major in dental hygiene with hopes to later go on to dental school. I know most of the dentists I have talked to said that they majored in biology or pre-dentistry before dental school. However, I did not want to major in...