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Rajveer’s Avatar
Rajveer Jul 07, 2021 430 views

In order to create a music video do you need a producer?

#music-production #music-production #musician #music-industry #internship

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Aug 06, 2021 419 views

What is the faster way to get into music production?

15 year old self taught music producer and artist/ song writer for #music-production #music #music-production

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 03, 2021 707 views

how do you be a youtuber

#youtube I want to inspire people with basketball game 2k's

Zorin’s Avatar
Zorin Feb 04, 2021 866 views

How can you be a gamer

#youtube #gamer

Jose Miguel’s Avatar
Jose Miguel Jan 27, 2021 988 views

What job can I be able to work with as a student?

I want to take any job that I can possibly do with my skills and willing to learn and adopt new skills from the other people. #student #job-search #technology

Shakuan’s Avatar
Shakuan May 26, 2016 763 views

Why is it important to consider smaller colleges that are not commonly mentioned or are less popular than, say, Ivy League institutions?

Many prospective college students aim to apply to colleges with a name that is popular and more known. However, experts mention that smaller colleges can provide the same, or better, environment for students to learn. May someone clarify how this can be? #college #education #learning-environment

shaheen’s Avatar
shaheen May 12, 2016 788 views

How do I become an educator?

I want to educate in my career. What should I do to become an educator?

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #teacher #education #higher-education

Soghra’s Avatar
Soghra Jun 28, 2016 785 views

I want to make a career in Baseball. I am very fond of that game. But the problem is that I belong to India and that sport does not exist here. Is it possible that i can join a team in any foreign country?

Interested in baseball but the sport doesn't exist in India. #sports #athletics #games #baseball

Dion’s Avatar
Dion Jan 10, 2017 761 views

what software can I use to record what I play on my laptop?

Im looking into becoming a youtuber and I want to record things on my computer but I dont know what recording software to download, any options? #youtube

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy May 04, 2016 916 views

What do you need to be a youbtuber?

The reason I am asking this question is because this is one of the things I want to be and I don't know the feeling. #youtube #youtuber

Tommy’s Avatar
Tommy Feb 23, 2017 1092 views

How do I know what games are popular on YouTube?

I am 12 and I want to be a YouTuber. There are millions of games out there. How will I know what games to play? #gaming #youtube #blogging

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 14, 2018 462 views

how to be a gaming #youtuber

i want to be a gaming youtuber

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 04, 2018 599 views

Hello, I’m chloe! I want to go to Harvard and become a lawyer but I also want to do YouTube. Any advice? I also want to have A fun lifestyle but still become a lawyer.

#lawyer #harvard #college #youtube

Nongcebo’s’s Avatar
Nongcebo’s Jan 07, 2021 388 views

Do I need experience?

I’m self motivated,hard working with an positive attitude towards life and career #career