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Alexis V.’s Avatar
Alexis V. Feb 26, 2015 1303 views

If pursuing a music major, would you suggest getting a side job?

I am a sophomore in highschool and I want to pursue a field in music. Right now I am leaning towards a musical engineer. I have heard that music majors do not make high pays, especially at first. So with that in mind would you have to count on having another job along with music? music salary...


Consuelo H.’s Avatar
Consuelo H. Mar 01, 2016 1279 views

Is there any good colleges that have singing or music?

I ask this because I really enjoy music and singing, and I was interested on going to colleges that has music and singing. It would be really helpful! music singing...


Jenna W.’s Avatar
Jenna W. May 13, 2016 742 views

How do I make the most out of college?

I'm heading to college next year and I want to know how to get the best out of my education from this point on. college education...


Caitlin P.’s Avatar
Caitlin P. May 17, 2016 621 views

Is their a large need for preschool/elementary school music teachers?

I am about to start studying music education-instrumental, I am trying to decide which age group I will be able to get a job with. I love elementary and even preschool age children....


Allie G.’s Avatar
Allie G. May 17, 2016 718 views

Summer job options that would look good for my future career?

I would like to someday be a High School English Teacher. I'm a Junior in high school, and I was wondering if there were any summer/part-time jobs that would help me in my future career. I babysit some, and I also work in a restaurant on the weekends. education jobs english summer...


Charlotte S.’s Avatar
Charlotte S. May 18, 2016 999 views

When playing in an orchestra at a high level of experience, say The Juilliard School sort of experience, are there times where the players would need to memorize songs/ play without a conductor?

I am going to try to get into The Juilliard school and if I do happen to get in, I am wondering what I might expect at that level of playing. Not just from that school but also from other orchestras that play at that level. music...


Zakeya J.’s Avatar
Zakeya J. May 19, 2016 848 views

What do I need to do to become a successful musician?

I like playing my saxophone and would like to be a famous musician one day. But the problem is I don't know what to do or where to start to become a successful musician. I'm also looking for ways to better myself in my playing skills, mostly vibrato. This will help me a lot. music musician...

personal-development saxophone

Dakota D.’s Avatar
Dakota D. May 20, 2016 1113 views

Where do composers find their inspiration?

Sometimes when I'm writing, I hit a wall and can't get inspired. Do you have any tips to find a creative spark? music music-performance composition...


Joana A.’s Avatar
Joana A. May 20, 2016 637 views

What happens with people who graduate but don't master their major? Should college classes be more enforced?

Hello, I'm a performing music major, and I don't understand how students who are planning to teach, for example, get enough with the classes that are provided if there are so many students in a class for the teacher to work with and not enough to obtain everything from the class. Does that...

music musician

Faythe J.’s Avatar
Faythe J. May 22, 2016 1148 views

Whats the musical term "hemiola" mean

I am a senior(about to graduate 6/10/16) I am a musician, I play a variety of instruments and I plan on attending University of North Carolina school of arts. To be honest I'm doing this for the scholarship money but I would like to see what the actual definition of this term is because I have...


Alec J.’s Avatar
Alec J. Jun 22, 2016 3291 views

Is it possible to double-major and still graduate within four years?

I have a major for my undergrad but there is also another major that is closely related that I find very interesting as well. Would it hurt me if I were to pursue both majors? I think it would help me prepare even better for my future career but I do not want to have to stay in college longer...

college education major college-major double-major

Hero D.’s Avatar
Hero D. Jun 25, 2016 975 views
Mireya G.’s Avatar
Mireya G. Jul 01, 2016 685 views

When do I start focusing on being a teacher and how? What are the steps on being a teacher?

I'm a incoming 10th grader. And I was wondering because I want to start early on researching on my career. teaching teacher...


Rami K.’s Avatar
Rami K. Jul 01, 2016 647 views

How can i get into the music buisness

I have been rapping for 3 years now and I make music and I upload it to soundcloud music studio hip-hop rap music-studios...