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Sabrina S. May 26, 2016 445 views

What should I pack for college dorming life?

I'm new to college and am very open to suggestions on what to pack that would be appropriate and aloud on a college campus. #college-life...


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Logan S. Oct 03, 2019 139 views
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Chloe T. Jul 17, 2020 139 views

Occupational therapy grad school

I am hoping to get into OT grad school. If I am only looking to major in psych and minor in health sciences, instead of honors specializing in psychology. Will this set me apart from other applicants? Thank you in advance #july20 #ot...


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Amarion G. Feb 02 118 views
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Mike F. Feb 11 148 views

Why do bananas and sprite cause you to vomit?

I've seen these videos online where people eat a banana then drink sprite, and nearly every single time it seems to cause the person to throw up. Is there anything else like this that causes a similar effect, or is it a specific case?...


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Jalissa M. Feb 25 110 views
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Jason A. Feb 25 78 views

Where are the best jobs for being a physical therapist

I always wanted to help out with people and make people better in there life. For example I helped my recover from his ankle sprain in basketball by giving the things he needed and trying to help him get back up walking and running again. #help #life #physical therapy #psychology...


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Brianna G. Feb 26 97 views

Is it better to have one major and two minors or two majors and one minor?

I am a bit unsure on exactly what I want to have as a career so i assume having more options (2 majors) is better than having one. Yet, I can assume that having two majors could be a bit more stressful than having one so I would also have to put that into consideration. #majors #double-major...


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Alex O. Apr 01 113 views

Smith or Bates?

Hi! I need to take a decision and choose the college I want to go to for the next 4 years. I got admitted to both Smith and Bates and will be playing soccer at whichever one I choose. I also plan to do Pre-Med with a Biology major. I visited both schools and absolutely loved them. If anyone...

#biology #smithcollege #pre-med #college #batescollege #collegedecision