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Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Mar 25, 2021 568 views

Are there any virtual volunteering opportunities for teens?

I am looking to do my DofE silver award and I would like to find a virtual volunteering opportunity. Preferably I would work by #helping-others, possibly children

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 18, 2021 350 views

What supplies should i have to attend marketing school?

#school #schools #Supplies

Gargi’s Avatar
Gargi Mar 25, 2021 298 views

I wish to do a ba llb(5years) . I need ba in criminology .Is that possible?? Can we choose in which subject we need ba??

Now i m going to finish my highersecondary education in social science(humanities) #social-science

kaiden’s Avatar
kaiden Mar 18, 2021 508 views

how much do u make for marketing

i like marketing #artist #any #artists #creative

Giorgos’s Avatar
Giorgos Aug 22, 2020 705 views

Which degree is better?

Hello, I live in the EU and want to know what is the difference between a standard 5-year european (greek) university degree and a BSc Hons (Bachelor of Science Honours) of an UK university of 1-2 years duration? Which is more powerful and more wanted? Thank you very much! #university #eu...