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Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 07, 2016 804 views

Should I go to post-secondary if my heart really isn't in it?

I've never really been a fan of school, but jobs are hard to get and post-secondary degrees are usually the requirement. Is it bad that I'd major in something I don't have a passion for? #jobs #school

Karina ’s Avatar
Karina Jun 08, 2016 1289 views

Can my major be completely different from my intended minor?

I am currently a sophomore in a community college. This fall, I will be transferring to a four year university with a Junior standing. I am going to declare my major as Accounting. However, I have had an interest in teaching since I was young. I would like to minor in Teaching English as a...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary May 15, 2016 1421 views

If I am unsure of which job field I'm going into, how do I know whether I should go to college? Should I take a gap year?

I am very much considering taking a gap year, however some people around me seem to discourage it. I know I do not want to go into college if I go into a field where it is unnecessary, such as filming, which I am considering. Any suggestions? #college #career #career-choice #careers #gap-year...

Brendan’s Avatar
Brendan Apr 19, 2016 1494 views

Do I have to go to a cc for 2 years to transfer?

Currently a junior in high school and I want to go to ASU but my GPA is terrible so i'm considering going to a community college. My main question is do I have to go for 2 years, can I just got for 1 year? the reason I ask is because my GPA right now is 2.157, terrible I know but I have...

Anina’s Avatar
Anina Apr 27, 2016 1236 views

When adults talk about "making connections" does it actually help you get a job? When has a connection ever helped you find a job, or advanced your career in any way?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. One of my best friends wants to major in Business and always talks about making connections. I don't see how having a bunch of acquaintances can help you with your career. If you meet someone once and give them your...