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Surya Jun 04, 2016 816 views

Which are the best colleges in india and abroad for fashion designing courses?

Hi,I would like to pursue a career in fashion designing would like to know the best colleges and different streams in the same. #fashion #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion

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Campbell Dec 13, 2022 127 views


What's a good career for people who are interested in a human mind?

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Jan 19, 2018 2193 views

What are good questions to as a potential employer during an interview?

I've always had a hard time during interviews. I'm not sure what the right answers to the questions are or what to ask myself to show the employer I'm serious about the position.
#interview #interview-questions

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 27, 2020 1572 views

How do I answer this interview question: What are your 3 greatest strength?


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Isabelle Oct 05, 2021 256 views

What types of entering jobs would be best for someone who's interested in business/fashion to have more experience?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I want to start looking for jobs at entering level. #business #fashion #career

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Aug 27, 2018 1200 views

What is one invaluable lesson you learned at a job or internship?

job #first-job #job #summer-jobs #college-jobs #jobs #internships