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Mariah Jul 29, 2020 749 views

What are some online business programs recommended for high schoolers?

#marketing #high-school #business

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 30, 2017 1176 views

Are there any good colleges for learning business ?

I am a 11 grade student in American high school, and I am looking for a good college to studying my majors for business works and marketing. Any ideas? #business #marketing

swetha’s Avatar
swetha May 03, 2016 1247 views

i am pursuing my degree in bsc electronics but i am interested in computers, can i get a job in an IT company?

I am interested in computers want to work in a software company. #computer-software #computer #software #information-technology

Brooke ’s Avatar
Brooke May 19, 2016 830 views

How exactly does one become a theatre director?

I want a career in theatre. I've even considered being a drama teacher. I'm curious about directing though. I think I could be good at it if it what I decided to go with. #the-arts

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda May 19, 2016 1531 views

How do I stand out?

I am an advertising major. This is very competitive field! How can I stang out / get ahead in order to get an advertising job straight out of college? #college #marketing #job-search #advertising

Green Teen’s Avatar
Green Teen May 09, 2016 3366 views

Will Dell be at the top of the market when I get older and how can I work for Dell?

I am interested in the technology field and think Dell is cool. #technology #job #job-market #dell

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar May 10, 2016 1181 views

What are some areas that I could intern while in college?

I'll be attending college in the fall and majoring in business administration and would like to know what kinds of fields I could intern before graduating college. #business #internships #entrepreneurship #internship #intern

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Sep 03, 2015 2661 views

whats the best marketing school?

i wanna be in marketing #web-marketing