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Ellyn’s Avatar
Ellyn Nov 09, 2022 194 views

Do you have to go to college to be a police detective, and if so how much is the average pay for detectives?

I am still in high school but haven't really thought or talked about college, but I am interested in being a detective for the police. I'm not really sure if you have to go to college for it and I'm not sure how much they get paid. Help, please!

Kaylei’s Avatar
Kaylei Nov 09, 2022 225 views

College programs for investigators?

Where are good colleges with good programs for being a crime scene investigator?

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Nov 08, 2022 186 views

What in the criminal justice system did you feel that you were not prepared for or wish you knew more about before entering?

What in the criminal justice system did you feel that you were not prepared for or wish you knew more about before entering?

chris’s Avatar
chris Sep 07, 2022 137 views

1. what is the working conditions for security???

my future job is a swat officer and be a team player with the swat team!!!!

Natilius’s Avatar
Natilius Aug 26, 2022 262 views

Could I live my life with a security salary?

Would a career in security ensure I live a moderately comfortable and financially secure life?

Natilius’s Avatar
Natilius Aug 26, 2022 356 views

How can I make a good first impression?

In the past, I've always done my best to be presentable during job interviews but I could never seem to get one in the can, and I have a feeling the way I make myself out to look has something to do with it. Any tips?

Samira’s Avatar
Samira Aug 27, 2022 208 views

Law or medicine?

I don’t know what to do as I love the debating side of law for justice (which I absolutely enjoy and is a natural talent for me) but I love medicine as I am always interested in helping out any family members or anyone out if they are in pain. For instance, my mum has really bad lower back pain...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Aug 26, 2022 151 views

What would be some struggles I will face while studying for criminal justice?

I want to know what would be complicated and/or any problem someone could go through in that.

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Aug 26, 2022 188 views

what would be good places to study criminal justice?

I see so many places but its hard to know which one is better for you.

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jun 28, 2022 309 views

Career Path to the FBI

Hello, I was trying to figure out the best way to get on a career path to the FBI, Im majoring in Information Technology with a focus in cyber security, and I love to travel as well. So was just wanting some advice on that

jeberiah’s Avatar
jeberiah Jun 29, 2022 188 views

I am interested in becoming a police officer

#1: What are the values your company upholds that makes them employers that you want to work for?

#2: What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring?

#3: How do you stay motivated as a police officer day-by-day?

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah May 10, 2022 310 views

Becoming A Police Detective

I am very interested in becoming a Police detective, what are the specific details to becoming a Police Detective and what are the step by step actions I have to take to succeed in this occupation? I am currently 17 and I am in Job Corps.

Marquessa’s Avatar
Marquessa May 16, 2022 442 views

To become a police patrol officer do you have to go through training?

I am wondering if I would have to go through police training such as a police academy, or if the security, and advanced security, through job corp would be sufficient.

carlos’s Avatar
carlos Apr 28, 2022 254 views

What is a typical day or week for you? What kinds of decisions do you make? What are your main responsibilities as a police officer?

i would like to talk with a police officer, sergeant or captain since that's what i am pursuing

Amity’s Avatar
Amity May 05, 2022 352 views

Which type of lawyer helps more people Prosecutors or DAs?

I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, the reason I want to become a lawyer is to help people, I don't know which one would help the most people and I know it is alot of schooling for either of these but I am willing to do it as long as I am able to help thouhs who need it.