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Ching Jan 28, 2022 585 views

Will salaries in the computer science industry increase or decrease in the future?

Since computers are so common nowadays, will computer jobs receive less pay because of more workers or more pay because the industry is still growing or has the computer science industry already plateaued? #computer-science

David’s Avatar
David Feb 04, 2022 325 views

What else is important?

Beside writing codes who else in important in computer science that can help people progress as a computer science learner. #computer-science

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Feb 03, 2022 517 views

For people who work in cyber security, what do you enjoy about your job?

#technology #cybersecurity #career

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Erkhes Feb 03, 2022 409 views

How do I get a better understanding of the CS field?

Wanted to know more #computer-programming #science #technology #computer-science

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Signora Feb 02, 2022 563 views

What kind of things do Ethical hackers do?

#hacking #ethicalhacking #coding #programming #computer-programming

Signora’s Avatar
Signora Feb 02, 2022 383 views

do you need to take extra classes along with just learning programming to learn Ethical hacking? Is it a whole different course?

#computer-science #computer-programming #ethicalhacking

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Edwin Feb 02, 2022 619 views

In which city can I generate more money?

#finance #financial-planning #money

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Feb 02, 2022 503 views

How do people in computer science career field keep up with the changing preferences of programming languages?

#computer-science #computer #programming

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Feb 02, 2022 440 views

I would like to dive in deeper into the world of computer science, are there any programs I could take over the summer that could help me with it?

# #computer-science #technology

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Jiale Jan 31, 2022 409 views

What do you need to do to bocome a professional coder?

Galileo High School junior #professional

yuyan’s Avatar
yuyan Jan 31, 2022 467 views

I'm a high school student. What classes should I take to prepare me for majoring in computer science in college?

I'm a high school student, 11th grade. I'm currently taking Ap computer Science principles. #computer-science