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Amanda Aug 06 244 views

What is the best way to get a medical assisting internship?

I'm a high school senior who just earned her CCMA (certified clinical medical assistant) through my school's technical certification program. I'm also BLS certified. I'm trying to find clinics to shadow and assist, but I'm not sure how to contact clinics, nor do I know which clinics are most...

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Harold Aug 06 241 views

What's the best major for marketing?

What's the best undergrad major for someone who wants to be in a marketing managerial position eventually, whilst simultaneously having a plan B? Marketing, finance, or other? I've heard that marketing is not the major that it used to be, and most people advice me to align with the marketing...

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Chahd Aug 07 185 views


Where is the best university of medicine in the world 🌎

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Emma Aug 03 167 views

Bio medical engineering but I do not like a lot of years of studying and not good at memorizing things

I love math work but I hate computer work I wanna do stuff with my hand and I don’t want my whole work to be on the computer what is The best biomedical engineering for me and my counselor does not help at all I live in New Jersey and I’m a junior and I don’t want know what to do can you...

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Genevieve Jul 31 219 views

Is earning an astronomy degree hard?

What's involved in earning an astronomy degree? Does involve a lot of math, physics, and theoretical classes? What classes would one take?