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Vincent Vadala

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Weehawken, New Jersey
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Monica Jul 14, 2023 3795 views

How do you prepare for interviews if you’re really bad at making things up on the spot..?

I’m pretty quiet and it’s hard to answer questions especially when I’m very nervous

aspen’s Avatar
aspen Aug 23, 2023 299 views

How do you know which college is the one for you And what is the difference between universities and college? it's been a nagging question I've had for a while now ?

Any help will be appreciated.

BJ’s Avatar
BJ Aug 23, 2023 484 views

What career-path should i take if i want to be my own boss. ?

What career-path should i take if i want to be my own boss.

Kim’s Avatar
Kim May 27, 2016 801 views

When should you expect a letter about your acceptance or if you've been turned down by a college?

If I was turned down by all of the colleges I applied for, would I have enough time to try to get into another one? How much time is there before senior year ends before I could find out? #college #university

lexy’s Avatar
lexy May 10, 2022 918 views

colleges for business/major?

What colleges are the best for majoring in business? Maybe marketing?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 09, 2017 1051 views

Any qualification examinations worthwhile to take?

Apart from CPA, ACCA and CFA. #exams #college #college-advice #bar-exam #career

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Feb 02, 2022 737 views

In which city can I generate more money?

#finance #financial-planning #money

lily’s Avatar
lily Feb 09, 2022 500 views

In finance, how important is it to keep up with the economy and stocks?

#finance #investment-management #stocks