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Valeria Jun 20, 2023 420 views

Where can I find scholarships? What do i look for in scholorships?

Hello! I am currently about to enter my second year of high school and wanted to learn more abour how to find good scholorships. I wanted a get a head start and just know more about scholorships. What are things that you look for in scholorships?

sabrina’s Avatar
sabrina May 05, 2023 337 views

How do i make a good business ?

how can i have a good business in the future

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Apr 03, 2023 526 views

What minor would be a good choice for someone who wanted to use data science to study retail data/trends?

Marketing, sales, general business?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 15, 2022 703 views

Business Administration Supply Chain Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, or Supply Chain Management?

I'm on my college search process at the moment and I was wondering what's the diffrence between the three majors? Would one be more valuable to an empoyler?

Eugene’s Avatar
Eugene Aug 16, 2022 354 views

What are some good colleges in California to make a career in Maintenance?

Im interested on moving on to a college after my time is finished in Job Corps. I would like to have some thoughts on good colleges focused on Maintenance.


Cera’s Avatar
Cera Aug 15, 2022 489 views

I'm trying to see where I want to live after college, any ideas?

So, my goal is to go to college and study equine, though I'm still not sure where I'll go. I want to be a horse trainer and a riding instructor, and after college my goal is to eventually get a horse farm where I can board horses, train them, and teach riding. I just have no idea where I want...

Kumar’s Avatar
Kumar Jul 27, 2020 1913 views


Would you find an APICS CPIM certification, or a CSCP certification, to be more useful? Which is more in-demand by more employers? Which enables more career flexibility? Which most easily translates to project manager experience?

#manufacturing #supplychain #planning #logistics

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Aug 12, 2022 618 views

I want to be a Supply Chain Enginer, Corperate exceutive, or a high ranking supply chain offial. I was wondering what degree I should double major with supply chain management?

Does going to a prestigous university make any diffrence aqquring a job in this field? How stressful is a supply chain management major and the jobs? How would I need to network to achieve my goals?