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Morgan May 26, 2016 1088 views

How would one go about pursuing writing while pursuing mathematic/scientific majors?

I love to write, and I want to do much with it (perhaps like Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner and their freakonomics books), but I'm pursuing degrees in statistics and earth sciences. How might I manage to still forge a semi career out of those fields? Of course, the obvious, do the...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 26, 2016 1121 views

What field in earth sciences would use the most statistics to study?

I'm majoring in both earth sciences and statistics and I'm very excited about it. But, within the general field of earth sciences I'm hoping to find something more specific to focus in on. I love soil science as well, and was originally planning on majoring in that, but the lack of options...

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan May 20, 2016 2312 views

If I pursue a degree in atmospheric sciences and meteorology, how difficult will it be to secure a position in the field and how successful can a meteorologist become in the workplace?

My original plan for college was to target a degree in computer gaming development and/or cyber gaming technology, but I also have a passion for the field of meteorology and have studied it as a hobby since I was 5 years old. Degrees in technology are mostly a sure thing if you have the skill,...

Ossie’s Avatar
Ossie Nov 25, 2014 2500 views

What would I have to major in to get a job on homeland security? And what does a job in homeland security entail?

I am currently a junior in high school and have always been interested in some kind of job with the government or military. I grew up under the influence of my grandfather who was enlisted in the navy during the Vietnam war and and have since aspired to enlist or obtain a job related to the...

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Oct 10, 2014 1309 views

what careers do people with majors in environmental science usually go into?

I want to see what my opportunities would be if I majored in environmental science in college. #science #environmental-science #earth-science #environmentalism #nature-enthusiast

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta Jul 25, 2014 1696 views

Are there a downsides to hiring someone who graduated from a Women's College?

I am asking because I would think there would be something that would be lacking in a woman who went to an all women college than a women who went to a coed college or university. #career #jobs #colleges #women #coed #womens-college

Jonya’s Avatar
Jonya Feb 11, 2014 6260 views

If I want to be a marine biologist, what activities should I do during high school?

I am not sure if I want to be a marine biologist but I might. I think it could be a fun job, and I could learn a lot about rare animals. If I want to be a marine biologist is there anything that I need to start doing now in high school to be prepared for college? #science #marine-biology...

Shahe’s Avatar
Shahe Aug 16, 2013 1270 views

Can i do job in any field of civil engineering despite my final year paper on other topic?

I'm asking because i'm little bit confused. #engineering #civil

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta Dec 26, 2013 1302 views

As a chemistry major what is your career and what are some of your responsibilities?

I would like to get an understanding of the career possibilities for a chemistry major. #career #chemistry