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Sophie Dennis-Reed

Career Coach
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Orlando, Florida
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Manar’s Avatar
Manar Feb 18, 2023 716 views

Life Massive Decision ?

How did you choose you professin?
Was it money?Passion?Parents?other?

mia’s Avatar
mia Feb 18, 2023 1163 views

What are great opportunities to prepare students for college ?

What are great opportunities to prepare students for their careers ?
Just wondering how helpful it is to
try an internship. And other opportunities to help prepare for a career.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 20, 2023 927 views

How to Find the Perfect Career for Me

What is the best way to find which career path is the best fit for me?

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Feb 16, 2023 584 views

How can I keep up with my career goals?

I am a Senior in High School and I have some career goals that seem hard to reach.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Feb 17, 2023 1197 views

Was your major related to your profession now?

Looking for different paths that people took

Tanjina’s Avatar
Tanjina Feb 16, 2023 608 views

How do you separate your feelings and emotions from difficult decisions?

Hello, after spending some time searching for the ideal career for me, I discovered two that particularly piqued my interest: becoming a nurse practitioner and registered nurse. I realized how much I like helping people when I was very young, and I believe that both these jobs are the finest...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Feb 14, 2023 451 views

What kind of careers can I embark on that have to do with helping people or having to speak Spanish?

I am a Senior in high school and I am still undecided on what job I should pursue after college.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 11, 2023 860 views

What type of job is best for me and how do I decide?

I want to find a job where I can visit and learn about different cultures and environments. I love writing, being in and helping nature, helping others, and learning & experiencing new things. With those who are in fields with similar aspirations as I, what are your professions and how did you...