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Jamestown, Pennsylvania
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I want a fulfilling job that is preferably science related


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Kadence May 14, 2023 225 views

I need help deciding what I would like to major in.

Hey! I have a general idea of what job I would like to have. I know I want to do something science based, I just have no clue what exactly I want to do. I was leaning towards something more medicine related, but then I think I decided Biology was more of my thing. I just want a fulfilling job,...

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Kadence May 13, 2023 274 views

What are some good tips to look good on college applications?

Hello! I am currently a sophomore in high school and was wondering, what are some things I could now to help me later on in life? Thank you :)

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Kadence May 13, 2023 251 views

I need science based job ideas.

I am looking for a science-related job. I don't really care a lot about money and just want a pretty non-stressful job, any ideas for me?