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Audrey Jun 09, 2023 1380 views

If you could change anything about your high school outcome, what would it be and why?

Lots of people often regret certain decisions after high school, so what do you wish you could change?

Leanna’s Avatar
Leanna Jun 09, 2023 2039 views

Will this help me with deciding a career goal?

I am confused on what to write on my career goal. I don’t know what kind of information to put.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 13, 2018 1039 views

How can I better manage my time?

I am a full time mom, full time x-ray technologist and a full time student. What is a good way to manage my time so that I can give diligent attention to all my responsibilities? #time-management #momlife #healthcare #bachelorsdegree #Ialsoneedgymtime

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jun 09, 2023 1110 views

Is it possible to balance many different careers and how does one do so? What have been the best financial decisions that you have made since high school for a steady adulthood? (You can answer both, one, or neither.)

I just recently graduated high school and I've thinking about taking a multidisciplinary career with a combination of different STEM paths (computer science, teaching, health e.g. therapy and psychiatry, environmental science, etc.)

Anaya’s Avatar
Anaya Jun 04, 2023 937 views

How can I land internships and research opportunities as a high school student without much practical experience ?

STEM research opportunities and internships usually require a high school degree and current enrollment in college. Is there any way to successfully gain experience while in high school?