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Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Aditya Aug 09, 2023 429 views

How can I Get prepare to get into top companies as a software engineer?

I want to get into FAANG companies as a software engineer but do not know proper websites that would help me prepare for their applications and interviews.

Itzel’s Avatar
Itzel Aug 08, 2023 226 views

Help me with what I should do in the future

I am 14 years old I'm in 9th grade. I would love to learn about nursing and cosmetics. How would I start learning about nursing or cosmetics? What age do you think is the best to start studying about nursing or cosmetics? Why did you get in to nursing or cosmetics? So can you help me with what...

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Molly Jul 03, 2023 232 views

How do you manage college classes?

How do you manage college classes?

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billie Jul 03, 2023 285 views

how to know what to major in if nothing sounds interesting?

i have no idea what i want to do

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Melani Jun 30, 2023 236 views

What helpful advice can you provide when it's time to start the 12th grade?

When it's time to start the 12th grade, in the American educational system, a crucial year for college preparation, what helpful advice can you provide?

Heaven’s Avatar
Heaven Jun 30, 2023 295 views

how to obtain scholarships and internships in high school?

when it comes to college i feel that my mind goes all over the place. money isnt the issue however i love to have everything covered since my mom would like me to go to a university after i do my community college in which i'm okay with. i know i want to dorm for college for the experience...