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Maya Jul 28, 2023 373 views

How and when did you decide on your career How did you find this career and what inspired you to choose it??

I'm a junior in high school and my interests are all over the place! I'm curious on how you found a career that could balance your interests, or how you balance your interests in general.

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Chasity Jul 28, 2023 257 views

How do you settle on what you wanna do?

I find things I wanna do and then I find something better I don't know what to settle on.

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Paige Jul 17, 2023 224 views

How do i achieve my goals?

How do i be successful in medical school? How do i stay focus?

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Joy Jul 17, 2023 272 views

How long did it take to become an anesthesiologist or real estate agent?

I’m just curious since I might do it

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Bleu Jul 17, 2023 210 views

What advice may you have for a high school senior juggling school and babysitting? How do I maintain focus throughout school, and not let babysitting stress me out?

Looking for personal/professional/relative advice. Currently babysitting six children without aid.

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Kiwan Jul 17, 2023 384 views

Why do people choose jobs on payrate rather than enjoyability?

Why do people choose jobs on payrate rather than enjoyability?

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Natalie Jul 17, 2023 544 views

How do I get into video editing jobs?

I am currently studying for a computer engineering degree, but I would like to learn video editing on the side and potentially do freelancing or something similar. Are there any certifications that I could get on the side? Would it be possible to tie it to my computer engineering degree?

Bleu’s Avatar
Bleu Jul 17, 2023 303 views

What are some things I should start doing as a high school senior in order to get prepared for college?

Interested in veterinarian technology and/or healthcare services.