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Paul-David Iddrisu

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Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
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Elaine’s Avatar
Elaine Mar 01 554 views

Is it easy to get a job after graduating college with a degree in computer science?

I'm curious as a high school student.

william’s Avatar
william Feb 19 660 views

How do i build a computer

i wanna build m first computer it would be so cool and my dad would be so proud

Yaziel’s Avatar
Yaziel Feb 06 635 views

What are some hard things you have to go through as a computer network specialist?

I am researching about this topic and would like to find more things about this career.

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Feb 16 494 views

how i can be a seo expert?

is this good for future?

Polo’s Avatar
Polo Feb 19 1093 views

Which is the best career in the field of Technology?

anyone to help me here