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Luke Edwards

Software/Research Engineer
San Francisco, California
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David Apr 14 601 views

How can I become a good and successful software programmer. ?

I like coding, am intending to learn Python programming

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Jayla Apr 14 1002 views

How to figure out what I want to pursue later in my life?

I am currently an informatics major in college with a concentration in User Interactive Experience. Initially I was a computer science major, but saw it wasn't something I 100% wanted to do. How can I figure out what I want to do. I enjoy coding and web design, but Im also interested in owning...

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Kieran Apr 17 1018 views

What is the best roadmap for learning programming?

I have only a little bit of knowledge in Python and I'm interested in building projects so that I can have a portfolio to showcase to employers. I don't want to rely on online tutorials in order to program my projects.