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Vicente’s Avatar
Vicente Feb 05, 2015 1419 views

What are programs I can take over the summer to increase my knowledge in business and/or entrepreneurship?

I'm currently researching of internships and programs I can take over the summer. I need a bit of help to find the right program/internship that correlates with my interests, which are business, finance, and entrepreneurship. #business #internships #financial-aid #programs

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Oct 21, 2014 1807 views

Should i chose a career path based on viability or interest?

Lets say im very interested in physics, and somewhat interested in computer science. Should i pursue a career path that i may enjoy more (i.e. physics) or one where jobs are more available and more in-demand (i.e. engineering and computer science)?

Julea’s Avatar
Julea Oct 01, 2014 6907 views

What can I do after school to practice marketing skills?

I am in high school and I want to build up my resume with marketing skills and experience. What did you do after school or on the weekends or vacations to get more marketing experience? If you help me come up with creative ideas for getting more experience I will be so thankful! #marketing...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jul 18, 2014 2251 views

Is working at a tech company just like the HBO "Silicon Valley" show?

I've always been curious about working at a startup or at a big tech company in silicon valley. I got to watch the HBO show at a friends house the other day and I thought it was ultra funny. Although I did not get some of the jokes. But is that what it is really like? Especially the part where...