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Sara H. Oct 26, 2016 579 views

If I don't know as much as my high school peers about tech, will I be behind in college?

The high school I currently attend doesn't have tech classes that delve into the topics of cyber security (or what cyber even is, for that matter), computer programming, or the basic fundamentals of how computers are built. Over the summer, I was chosen as a participant for the GenCyber Program...

#computer-security #computer-science #cyber #computer-programming

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Ben N. Mar 04, 2019 181 views

What values do you uphold in your career?

What is important to you? What are your moral standings? #values #tech...


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Rafael C. May 12, 2019 165 views

How to study computer science in college?

I'm a college student and I'm going to learn computer science degree this year, so I want to know more about this major ,can you help me with some advice on learning it? #computer #computer-science...


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Britney Y. May 13, 2019 129 views

What are the different fields that I could specialize in for software engineering?

I am heading to college next fall and will be pursuing a software engineering degree. I have been asked by numerous people about what specifically I want to do with software engineering, however, I am not familar with the different types of software engineers. I just wanted to know what types...

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Yves P. Oct 16, 2019 122 views