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Maria Q. Apr 19, 2019 192 views
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Brenda G. Apr 26, 2019 146 views

How can I get the help that I need in order to work for my goals to get the job/career that I want to do?

-How much school I need -Info that I should know -details in what will be included #career #ideas...


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alexis L. May 31, 2019 184 views

What does a typical day look like on a job

What do you do from clocking in and clocking out...


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Surya G. Oct 24, 2019 159 views

Recent graduate with a degree in business to counseling/ psychology masters

Hi!! So I just graduated with an undergrad degree in business marketing and entrepreneurship this past june. I've been able to work full time in marketing agencies and companies throughout college and have about 2 years experience in this field and I'm leaning that this was not the best fit/...

#career #psychology #business

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Jack K. Nov 20, 2019 177 views
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Freda F. Nov 27, 2019 106 views

I want to know if I can go to the law school with a degree in Marriage and Family Studies and what kind of law I can read.

I am currently reading a degree in Marriage and Family studies and thinking of going to the law school....


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lexie S. Mar 05 102 views
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Henry L. Apr 12 160 views

What do lawyers do?

I've seen on TV shows where the lawyer is in court and defending someone, but I know that every lawyer doesn't actually do that all day. What is it actually like to be a lawyer, like what do they do all day? #lawyer #law...