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Peris’s Avatar
Peris 18 hours ago 161 views

What is the best course in Accounting?

Am having a hard time to choose how i can

Nes’s Avatar
Nes yesterday 157 views

Is it necessary to take a National board exam for optometry to be hired in an optometry clinic/office/primary vision center? If so where can you take it and what is the cost?

I want to be an optometrist and I'm not sure what the exam entails, how licensure works, the cost, where, and why.

Vanshika’s Avatar
Vanshika Jul 11 439 views

Admission Officers: Should I join my local Youth activities Council? Would that boost my overall college app, or should I save that time and spend it somewhere more useful?

While I do need to show some community service, I am interested in majoring in business and am wondering whether to spend that time working towards writing for financial literacy or join this Council where I don't know which mission it will most likely serve. I would like to hear the...

Vanshika’s Avatar
Vanshika Jul 11 389 views

What all major colleges have clubs that are open to high schoolers for chartering as well (might include a tie-up)?

I am mostly looking to start a business related club (anything related in the field is fine, i.e finance, economics, marketing, business, entrepreneurship). Most colleges have clubs that are specific to that college, I'm looking for clubs that can be brought to a high school. If possible, I...

Chandini’s Avatar
Chandini Jul 09 705 views

How do I get more internships in business?

I like accounting and entrepreneurship, but as a student in community college, I'm not sure how to get these resources.

Vanshika’s Avatar
Vanshika Jul 09 277 views

What do the admissions officers like to see under extra curriculars if applying under a business major in college?

I will be applying under a business major.

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Jun 28 379 views

What undergraduate major is best for law school preparation Are there any specific courses or extracurricular activities that can help with law school admission? What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a law school? How competitive is the law school admission process, and what can I do to strengthen my application? What are the different areas of law I can specialize in? How do I choose a specialization, and when do I need to decide? What does a typical day look like for a lawyer in your field? What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a lawyer? What are the different career paths available to lawyers (e.g., private practice, corporate, public service)? What are the steps to advance in a legal career? What essential skills and qualities make a successful lawyer? How can I develop these skills during my education and early career? How important is it to get internships or clerkships during law school? What are the best ways to gain practical experience in the legal field? What is the bar exam, and what should I know about preparing for it? How difficult is the bar exam, and what are the pass rates? What is the current job market like for lawyers? How can I improve my employability after graduating from law school? How demanding is the workload for a lawyer, and what is the typical work-life balance? Are there certain legal fields that offer better work-life balance than others? What ethical challenges do lawyers commonly face? How important is it to stay updated with changes in laws and regulations??

I hope to be a lawyer once I am older.

Arc’s Avatar
Arc Jun 26 469 views

What are some good free internships for an aspiring CS major?

I am looking to make good use of my summer time, and so an internship (perhaps online?) would be great, but I need a good fit. I need a solid science/tech related internship to help me out for college apps. Thanks!

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Jun 19 234 views

What is the best career advice for a senior?

Searching for the best fitting career choice

Camilla’s Avatar
Camilla Jun 18 607 views

Should I worry about AI taking over the possible jobs as a business major?

I want to make absolutely sure that I have security in my career in the future.

And in the case that AI does take many people's work in business, what are some business-related careers that AI probably won't bother with?

Camilla’s Avatar
Camilla Jun 18 708 views

What are some skills to put on a resume as a college freshman with no work experience (For entry-level jobs)?

Thank you so much to anyone who answers, It would be a lot of help!

Camilla’s Avatar
Camilla Jun 18 461 views

What are some hard skills that employers like in the retail industry?

For entry-level positions.

Thanks so much to anyone who answers!

Camilla’s Avatar
Camilla Jun 18 330 views

Is it possible to learn retail inventory management system and the technology used without a retail job?

I apologize if this is a silly question, I'm wondering because I want to better prepare myself for part-time work in retail.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jun 12 858 views

What is the best way to start networking?

Hello! I just finished my junior year of high school. With senior year coming up, I want to start networking more with professionals in jobs I am interested in. I have to admit, I am not the most extroverted person out there, and I want some tips!

Anonymous Moose’s Avatar
Anonymous Moose Jun 09 388 views

How do I pass an interview?

I've done multiple interviews, I'm on a rejection streak, and I am in the dumps because of it. It seems to me like my resume and application is good enough to be offered an interview but when it comes to the interview, I choke up. I know everyone says to just be yourself, but i don't know how...

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